About Us

CATEA Enterprises, an international business development firm, specializes in providing multi-faceted solutions across the new product and business expansion continuums.  We combine our industry experience, intellectual capital, and global network to create custom solutions for entrepreneurs and corporate management teams seeking to develop new products and companies.  Our senior partners have more than three decades of collective experience managing global marketing companies with offices in 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.  CATEA provides an invaluable global network of executives, suppliers, distributors, advisors, and government officials throughout the world.  Together, CATEA’s assembled teams can turn concepts into products and develop companies for the future.

CATEA Enterprises was founded in 1998 by James A. Jernigan, a highly successful international business executive with extensive experience in business development, marketing, as well as product development and sourcing.  A former president and COO of several public and private corporations, Jim has mastered product development from manufacturing to marketing.  He also has broad marketing experience ranging from direct-to-consumer sales to top celebrity endorsements.  His extensive experience allows Jim to be at ease in boardrooms as well as on production floors.

For more information see our LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-jernigan-5a1882/